Mar 31, 2019

Work Journal: March 31st

I want to share more what I do every day, so I’m starting this (weekly) journal after inspiration from Adam Wathan. Love what the guy is doing so I will do something similar.

Waiting list for my upcoming online-course

This week started off very well with the public launch of the waiting list for my upcoming Online Workshop about “Geospatial Data Visualization with d3”. I’m excited about the launch of the waiting list for my first product.
On Sunday last week, I tweeted about it, and it was a huge success for me.
I’m thrilled with the result and response that I got. This encourages me to start on this rather sooner than later and is kind of a bummer that I did not do this earlier. :)

FOSS4G NA in San Diego

And I’m excited about FOSS4G in my favorite American city: San Diego.
In just two weeks I will be traveling to San Diego and give a workshop and a talk at FOSS4G NA. I’m trying to write a post before the conference to tell you more about where to eat, what to do in San Diego.
My workshop will be about the same topic as my new online workshop: “Geospatial Data Visualization with d3”.

Baseball is back!

I’m excited about the start of the Baseball Season! Now I can relax my evenings watching Baseball.
My wife is not so thrilled because I will now spend a good amount of my time talking about Baseball and watching Baseball games.

Let’s go, Padres, let’s go!

Problem(s) I solved this week

Cloudinary “responsive” images.

I use cloudinary after Adam mentioned it in his podcast (Full Stack Radio). And I love it. It’s excellent and fast! But I wanted to use more of the power of cloudinary, so I decided to look even further. Delivering the right image for everyone. Read this blog post and look at my PR how I implemented it.

ConvertKit subscriber email in RM

It took some time and a few messages with support to figure this out, but this is how you can use the subscriber’s email address in RightMessage personalization


What’s next

  • Talking to people on my waiting list: I will reach out to the people on my wating list, sharing the content of the course and get to know them better. So I can better serve them with this course.
  • Promoting my workshop: I will continoue to tweet and write about the upcoming course!

Podcast episode I loved listening to

Pictures of the week