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Five books that helped me improve my business

These five books helped me a lot in improving my business and getting better as an entrepreneur.

  1. The Brain Audit
  2. Lean Customer Development
  3. The Positioning Manual
  4. Double Your Freelancing Rate
  5. Just Fucking Ship

The Brain Audit (Sean D’Souza)

The Brain Audit by Sean D’Souza is such a great book and has so many insights in it. The content is about „Why customers buy (and why the don’t)“. And he delivers. In a great way.

Sean D’Souza has so much great content out there, but the Brain Audit is his best work and a great entry into his stuff. You will love it, promised.

Lean Customer Development (Cindy Alvarez)

If you do any Customer Research (which you should), this book is a must read. If you work on your positioning and want to confirm what you think your Customers want, read this book. Then this book is for you. It is packed with great advice and strategies. In particular for research and conducting customer interviews. It is a must-read if you are serious about your customers.

The Positioning Manual (Philip Morgan)

Philip is the Master in Positioning. He has a great email newsletter and two great books. One of them is the Positioning Manual (for technical firms). He knows his stuff and the book helps to find your niche.

Double Your Freelancing Rate (Brennan Dunn)

Brennan has unusually substantial content. He has a great email list as well, and I get something out of his emails almost daily. His book helped me thinking more about my business instead of just creating something for my clients. After reading his book, I worked every week on my business instead of in my business. I set away hours to think about my processes and how I interact with my clients. I set up automation where I could and improved my Proposals and client paperwork.

Just Fucking Ship

“Just Fucking Ship” helped me to, yes you got it, just fucking ship. This blog is one result of reading the book. Even if they’re not perfect. It does not matter. Better to have them out there and improve them gradually instead of sitting on my hard drive forever. If you have side projects, and they rarely see the world, read this book. It will help you. And if you are thinking about a new project you want to produce but have so much on your plate, read this book!