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You might have noticed already, I love sports. And I love getting out and try to perform.

Two years ago a few friends and collegues at the time took me with them to a Wakeboard lake they were talking about in the breaks at work. I was really interested and wanted to try it out.

I did not finish one round and crashed hard but I was hooked. I had to pause for three weeks since my ankle got bruised during the first session.

On my second trip to the cable I still did not finish a round but I decided to show my wife this awesome sport.

On my next birthday I rented the whole cable just for me and my friends and we learnt a lot and I got a few friends hooked as well.



Since then we took two trips to cables in Europe. One to Gyor in Hungary and one trip to Antalya in Turkey. We had a lot of fun especially in beautiful Turkey. The cable is very well equipped and the staff is friendly and forthcoming. The accommodation is comfortable and you get two meals a day. The place is very remote so all you can do is to ride. And we will go back soon.

Since moving to Berlin and getting our dog it is getting a little bit difficult to go to the cables. That’s why on my list for this year is to make my drivers license.

But we plan to make a trip to Turkey to relax and shred the cable a little bit.

Kicker, Hipnotics Cable from Mila Frerichs on Vimeo.