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Code Enforcement Violations in San Diego

I started looking again at the Open Data Portal in San Diego and searched for interesting data, data with a story.

And I think I found it. I looked at the Code Enforcement Violations before but this time I wanted to see if there were any overlap between Building Owners with Code Enforcement Violations and recent Building Permits. I found 4 for the last six month. So I will dig deeper the next time. With more data.

But this got me to another thing that I found digging through the data. Lot’s of Code Enforcement Violations Cases are still open. And I even found a case open since 1993, yes 1993. I will contact the city to find out more and will keep you updated.

In the meantime, I made a map with all the cases that are open longer than two years. Amazing how many there are. I also created a heatmap of all open cases. You can see it above.

Data Crunching

I used R for this Data Crunching since I was not sure what to look for or what pattern I would see. The actual code to find the case with oldest open date was relatively simple. I calculated the number of days since today (17 Aug. 2016) for filtering.

Here is the code:

code_violations = tbl_df(read.csv("mappedcedcases6months_datasd.csv", stringsAsFactors = FALSE))
open_cases_date = 
  code_violations %>% 
  filter(close_date == "") %>%
  ) %>%
  select (-OPEN_DAYS0) %>% arrange(desc(OPEN_DAYS))

For the map I used Carto (previously CartoDB) to create the interactive map and the Heatmap image. Here is another map with the days since the case was open. DaysOpen

Data Source

Here is the data Source:
City of San Diego Data Portal
Code Enforcement Status Report