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Five priorities for this year

It is always good to reflect and think about the things that matter most.

That’s why I made a list of things that are important to me and my overall happiness.

  • Spend more time with my wife and dog
  • Loose 10 kilos
  • Make my drivers license
  • Vacation more
  • Pay off student loans

Spend more time with my wife and dog

I want to spend as much time as possible with my wife and my dog. And I mean quality time. All other things have to take a step back. She is working long hours and the time we spent together is thin. That’s why we go out as often as possible or order to eat at home to spend more time. We have so many activities we love in common, and we tried to do them as often as possible. These include Softball, Wakeboarding, Snowboarding, Mountain Climbing and much more.

Loose 10 kilos

I know that I’m not that fat. I weigh about 90 kilos. But I don’t feel good with all those extra kilos. My ideal weight would be around 80 or less. That’s why I want to lose it. But I’m not very good at it. I love to eat and I’m always hungry so eating less is tough for me. I like to eat meat, and I eat it way too often to lose any pounds. And I love candy. Yeah, I know, not very healthy. But I want to keep trying and try to use all the right things on the internet to help me with that. If you have any tips, write me.

Make my drivers license

I don’t have a drivers license and me never really needed one. But I’m committed to doing it because I feel the need to have one now. With my dog and our Wakeboarding and Softball hobby, it’s getting a bit difficult and more expensive to get to the spots we want to. And driving would make these easier and faster.

Vacation more

Vacation more. I want to take as much vacation as possible to take the time to relax and enjoy myself. My plan is to have at least two snowboarding holidays and two wakeboarding vacations every year.

Pay off student dept

I don’t have a huge amount of student loan dept as most other non-germans have. But my parent was not able to support me too much during my studies, so I had to get money from the state to support my studies. I’m still paying every month and will be for the next few years unless I refinance it in some way. And I want to do that to get if off my plate as fast as I can.