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Since my season is almost over, I wanted to share more about one of my favorite hobbies/sports that I have. Softball, also referred as baseballs little brother. They share almost the same rules, and the fields look similar. But softball is faster and needs less space to be played. Despite the name the ball is as hard as a baseball but is bigger and thus for one easier to hit but does not fly that far.

It is a lot of fun and enjoy training and competing. Softball is an excellent mix of one-on-one competition (you against the pitcher) and team sport. Nine players on the defense working together to get three outs. In the offense trying to get the next batter up to make runs/points.

Softball is a tiny but friendly community, and I made a lot of friends there. My current friends are almost all from my days playing. And I met my wife through softball in college.

I play for almost ten years now and still have a lot of fun playing it. I would say I play it semi-professional; I play in two leagues for two teams. One is a recreational team here in Berlin, and the other is the college team from my past time as a student. I still play there despite not living in the town where my university was. The reasons are simple. We don’t have a college team in Berlin and the team is fun to play with. I also was selected to be on the Men’s National team. This year as a backup but I plan to train harder to make the active roster. The next World Cup is in two years, and I want to take part.

I bat and throw left-handed and play Centerfield and First Base primarily but recently saw time at second base as well.

I need to exercise more and loose some weight to get back into shape and the level I played a few years back. And competing for a championship and a place in the Men’s team will motivate me.