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I love automating things. The less time I have to spend on a repeating task the better. When I’m repeating a job for three to four times, I will try to automate it. Even if it takes me way longer to automate it than to do it, I will try it. It’s such a relief for me not to do a tedious task over and over again.

The last few days I worked on automating my content marketing and lead generation. And it’s shaping up excellent. It will be worth the time put into it once it is complete and I start doing Outbound Marketing and Lead Generation.

I use Drip a lot. I love Drip. It’s such an easy and awesome service. If you want to write fewer emails or automate specific email sequences you need to check it out. If you publish newsletters or email courses, you need it. And if you are just starting out check it out they recently lowered their prices to $1. Yes, $1. I couldn’t believe it either. I was happy to pay them $50 and I will when I reach enough people in my list. But for now $1 is much better, and I will invest the money in Zapier.

Zapier is another tool that I came to love. If you use different services (and why should you not), you can make your life easier. Zapier helps you to streamline and automate stuff you put into various services. There is still plenty of room for improvements but just today I made 5 Znaps. And I will add even more once I pay for it.

Another automation service I use a lot is IFTTT. IFTTT was the first to help you automate easy stuff. It is just as simple as the name suggests. If this than that. It connects two services or can react to different stuff. It sends out email reminders to me almost daily and posts to Slack.

I will share more of my automation soon.