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Three apps that help we write

Since starting my writing commitment two weeks ago, I used these apps more frequently and am happy how they pan out. I write at least 200 words daily now and am trying to streamline this process as much as possible. And make it as pain-free as possible.


The most important app for me is iA Writer. It is just an excellent product and helps me focus on the actual writing. I write in Fullscreen mode and with the focus on. Focus means that only the sentence I’m writing looks normal, the previously written sentences are grayed out. And the text is centered for easier reading.

I just love it, and it’s worth the small amount it does cost.


For proofreading, I use two apps that help me get better. Particularly since a non-native speaker/writer, it helps me correct natural mistakes. I do write in English to reach a broader audience, and it helps with client communication.

The first proofreader I use is Grammarly. I have the app installed and pay for it yearly but it well worth it. It finds these little grammar mistakes I often commit. And it even shows spelling errors and overused words. It looks at the sentence structure, the punctuation, style and gives a hint for enhancements. Very nice.

After Grammarly, I often use Hemingway as a way to check my reading style. How complicated are the sentences I write and how easy are they to read and understand? It’s very easy to use, and it’s free. It shows me the expected reading time as a bonus :)

These are the three apps I use every time I write, event when I’m writing emails to clients. You should check them out. And what do you use for writing?