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Monthly Review

This is my first monthly review. That’s why it will be not as good as I want. But I will publish a monthly review from now on. On a different note: I did my first real weekly review today. I thought about last week, cleaned up my stuff. I made a new list of my priorities and the projects I want to work on. I cleaned my desk (well worth it). I wrote down my ideas to get more accomplished the next weeks and month. I feel magnificent, and I’ll commit to doing a weekly review every week. I did put it on my calendar for every Friday. So that’s a good thing.

Back to the monthly review. This is going to be short until I figure out what is important for this review. I’m going to list the things I shipped, how my commitments went, what services I tried out how productive I was.

The most important stuff first.


Listening to “Make money online” talking about “Just Fucking Ship” inspired me to a) buy the book and b) to just fucking ship. Here are the things I shipped since starting to read the book:

  • This blog
  • Water quality app San Diego

I have a post for each item I shipped this month.

Next projects

I have a few ideas about projects I want to tackle the next month. I want to work more on the Water Quality app. And of course, publish new blog articles. The next bigger thing I want to ship or show you is a visualization of power plants in Germany. The Washington Post did one a few month back, and I worked on the German version back when they published their post. But I never finished it. I will work a bit on it and ship it.


I always try to improve my productivity. Find new hacks and helpers on the way. This month was no different. I went back to use Basecamp for the important (long term) stuff. And it is working out quite well. I use GitHub Issues and Waffle for the day to day things and coding stuff. I try to use the Pomodoro technique, but I always forget to restart the timer once I take a little break. Not sure what I can do about it. I used Evernote more and tried to automate as much as possible with Zapier. But there is still room for improvements.

New Services used

Almost every month I try out new services and apps. This month I tried out Weekdone but after two weeks I did not use it anymore. I think I will give it another month to try out, but I don’t think it will stick. I added MailButtler for tracking emails, but I’m not convinced yet. But I will give it another month. Not sure I want to pay for such a service, but I think I have to eventually. I’m not sending that many emails I want to track. That’s why so far it is not as important to me. I tried Notion out last week. And I like it very much. It will help with future employers and client on/boarding. Writing SOPs and sharing documents. Let’s see.


I committed the week before last week to publish a blog post every weekday and so far I did it. Came close a couple of times but eventually shipped a post. I wanted to write at least 200 words every day, and this is easier than I anticipated. So far I’ve written way more than 200 words every day. Reading is the most challenging and the one I broke at least three times the last two weeks. I need to get better at it.