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Weekly Commitment Results

I committed to three habits I want to establish. Every week I share my commitment results. As a refresher here is the list of what I committed to doing each week:

  • Read at least three pages of a book every day.
  • Write at least 200 words every day
  • Publish a blog post every weekday for the next two month.

So the big question after week one:

How did I do?

So far I’ve done everything I wanted. I wrote at least 200 words every day, more often than not I wrote more than 200. That’s excellent, and that was the main goal here, so get into a writing habit.
Reading at least three pages is a very good commitment because I read at least every day. Sometimes in bed or later in the afternoon, but at least I took a book and started reading. Loving it. That’s what I wanted: Forcing me to read more. And it’s working!!
I published five blogposts including this one this week. But it was hard. It took more time than I anticipated. It took more than an hour each day to get the blogpost published. I hope this number will get down once I get into a flow.
There are some reasons why I did not do as well as I wanted.

First, the blog post layouts/templates were not ready yet for all the things I want to do with it. But we’re slowly getting there.
Second, I publish on my blog and Medium and share the posts via Buffer to my social media account. It takes time and formatting.
Third and most important, when I’m writing I just add new content but don’t work on the existing posts and make them ready to be published. Because I want to write at least 200 words every day I need to find extra time to edit/proofread the posts I already wrote. Maybe I need to schedule a time each week to edit/proofread the content I produce on a daily basis. Once I write more than one blog post every day it will get easier.

Tools I use

For writing, I use Evernote to write on the go and keep a record of the draft. When on my Mac I use iAWriter to focus on the writing part. Maybe I should use it on the go as well.
I use Grammarly for proofreading, and it’s working great.
Pexels is my photo finder of choice and my photo library as well.
My blog uses Jekyll for publishing on GitHub-Pages, and I use Buffer for scheduling and re-posting my blog post tweets. I use Twitter Cards to add the image to the tweets.

Do you have any suggestions for tools I should consider using?