Weekday Publishing Challenge

I thought a lot about my writing and how I can provide more value to the people who follow me or are interested in my work or even working with me.

I recently read these couple of articles about blog posts and content on the internet.

I changed my thinking about how I want to arrange my blog content.

I will show my best work first and am writing another post about it. (Will update this post with a link soon).

And I want to challenge myself to not only write daily but publish 5 days a week.

Yes, you read that right, 5 days a week. And not only writing every day, which I’ve done the last couple of weeks/months. But publishing every weekday.

I agree with Philip Morgan that when you challenge yourself to write and publish more you will get the obvious content out first and then get into the more detailed interesting stuff.

I think I have a lot to say about d3, (web)mapping, data visualization, javascript testing, Single Page Applications, and politics.

And I will share it here on my personal page and on twitter.

I don’t want to make it too hard for me so I want to clarify (after talking to my friends Trey and Josh). I want to publish every weekday. But I don’t plan to publish a blog post every day. For me, even an insightful tweet or a picture on Instagram documenting my progress on building my course will count as daily publishing. I want to create explainer videos on youtube, write interesting content for developers wanting to learn mapping with d3, create examples of (d3) maps and get my knowledge out of my head into your hands.

I just want to put out as many interesting things to the world as I can.

Today is Day 1 and this is post one! Great start for me :)