Twitter diet

‪I need to reduce the daily amount of tweets I see in my timeline and be more proactive about when I open twitter.‬ I spend too much time on twitter scrolling through my timeline and not reading actively.

‪I decided to unfollow a bunch of people and putting them into lists.‬

‪If you’re one of them, sorry about that, I still read you but in lists and when I’m ready for it‬.

Using lists and following less people already led to me to proactively decide which topic I want to read right now. And using the timeline to find new people via retweets.

Thanks to James Fee for the inspiration. I already had a few lists but his suggestion really made sense :)

But it is not as straightforward as it could be.

I would love a way to see all the people I follow that are not yet in a list. Then I could more easily put them in one.

How are you consuming twitter these days?