Speaking review 2019

I love sharing what I know and love to go to conferences. (Read more bout this here). And sharing at a conference or giving a workshop is very satisfying. The feedback you get and the conversation you have afterward are great.

I wanted to write a quick review of lasts year’s conferences.

I got accepted to speak at the following conferences in 2019

The three talks that I gave at these conferences were:

And I gave two workshops at FOSS4G NA and NACIS on Geospatial Data Visualization with d3

Unfortunately I needed to cancel my appearance for FOSS4G Oceania. I had some personal issues to take care of and could not afford to be away for a week and not travel around the world to Auckland. I felt bad for needing to cancel both my workshop and my accepted talk.

Other conferences that I attended but did not speak:

Conferences I want to speak this year, where I will submit to the CfP:

What conferences are you planning to attend or even speak at?