Inbox Zero

I’m happy to be able to say: I’m back at Inbox Zero
After my last trip staying at a friends place for a week, my emails started to pile up, and my filters were not any good anymore.
So I used the last two days to clean up my inbox and add more and better filters to my inboxes.

I started with my personal account because it’s easier to clean up. There is still work left to do, but I deleted a bunch of emails and added a lot of new newsletters to my filters. Although I probably should have taken it even a step further and unsubscribe from a lot more. There are a bunch of them I don’t read daily. And my newsletter folder is getting a ridiculous amount of emails every day.
And I probably should move some of the newsletters and automatic emails to my business account where they belong.

Next up was my business account. It took me way longer to clean this up. And this has frustrated me the most. But I’m glad I did it and feeling much better now. The filters are not as ready as I would like, but they’re working, and I can keep my inbox clean. Not having a red circle on my mail app is a relief and helps me keep my focus.
I’m not at Inbox Zero just yet, just at Inbox Unread Zero. But I’m getting there.
Hopefully, I can maintain Inbox Zero throughout the week and the next month at least.

I try not to check my email that often and try to keep my app closed while I’m focussed on programming.
And I need to do a better job at it, but Inbox Zero is helping a lot. Because I know even when I open my mail app there are only a handful of emails I have to take care off.

What do you do to keep your Inbox fresh and maybe even at Zero? Would love to hear your methods and thoughts on that.