See you at these conferences!

I went to just a few conferences this year just yet but plan on going to a few more. Conferences are a good way to connect with people, learn more about your craft or other people’s business and get in the mindset of learning and speaking/socializing.

Brennan Dunn recently tweeted something which struck a nerve with me, and I regretted not going to DYFC in Sweden this year. But I will go to more conferences next year and a few more business conferences as well, and DYFC 2017 is already on my calendar.

“Investment mindset: sacrificing short term gain (billable work) and revenue for creating and cultivating relationships w/ peers.” Brennan Dunn

Previous and future conferences

I will post reviews of each of the past and future conferences I attend but am not there yet.

The previous conferences are:

There were a few conferences I wanted to attend but could not. I wanted to go to Do Good Data, but I got my puppy Ruby mid-April, and I could not leave her alone at that time. The same is true for TICTeC in Barcelona; I wanted to go but when I decided to go and was sure that my puppy would get cared for there were no tickets available anymore. CSVConf happened in May, but I had to do a lot of work in May since I took April off to take care of my puppy. But these conferences are all on my list for next year to attend.

The conferences I want to attend soon are:

If you plan to go to one of these or already booked your ticket: Let’s get in touch and connect at the conference.