Three new habits to get better at writing

I want to start a few habits and it’s tough to find the right ones to start and to maintain.

Getting into habits is all about consistency and trying to find the balance of too little or too much. But I think publicly committing to something is a good first step to getting really into habits.

I tried for the last months to get into reading and writing habit. And I must admit both are not doing great. But with this blog and my new public commitment, I think I can accomplish both.

So as a result of this I commit to:

  • Read at least three pages of a book every day. It does not have to be a technical book, but I have to read at least three pages
  • Write at least 200 words every day
  • Publish a blog post every weekday for the next two month.

It does feel good to commit to something publicly, and I hope to get into a habit out of these commitments.

If you have a good app to track, your commitments let me know. I did not found one I was satisfied with just yet.

These are the books I currently read:

  • Just Fucking Ship
  • Dependable
  • The UI Audit
  • The Positioning Manual